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Laurel Lewis is an independent Americana singer/songwriter from Southeastern Kentucky who writes and composes music with moving lyrics and distinctive chord progressions sure to keep the audience’s interest. Her music reaches the darkest depths of the oceans and brings a light to any melody she embraces.


Lewis is no stranger to the spotlight. She has performed at an array of venues across the country, including The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, The Bitter End in New York City, The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, and many more. She has joined the stage and worked with artists such as Rodney Crowell, Billy Strings, and Iris Dement.

Laurel’s debut album, Back to the Blue (released under the name Madison), was a carefully crafted project of original songs from her earlier years of songwriting. Back to the Blue received a write-up in No Depression and even landed a spot on Sixthman’s best albums of 2017 list. While her style has continuously altered as life simply carries on, her songs have always and will always remain honest, compelling, and influential.


Currently, Laurel is working on another studio album with the legendary Rodney Crowell producing. Her blend of genres is delicately placed throughout her new project and will once again showcase the range of ability in both her voice and her songwriting. In a world of cookie-cutter similarities and those jumping on musical bandwagons, she chooses to bring music to the table that is uniquely her own. The best musical creations are the ones that are unique, and Laurel Lewis is exactly that.

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Photo by Kirt Barnett

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